Deepening Training

For students who have explored the foundations and are ready to deepen their awareness of how NVC can enrich life.

Exploring core competencies will reveal layers of wisdom that wait to emerge from within us all.

To register your interest for a Deepening course, please email at Dates to be advised.

A pathway to deepen into the heart of compassion

Drawing from the work of Robert Gonzales, we will explore processes to support you to reintegrate compassion in your lives.
Deepening your awareness of how NVC can enrich your life.
Developing key core capacities that enable you to create a map back home to your hearts.
I have found these skills invaluable in my navigation of my inner and outer worlds, I use them daily.

Look forward to contributing to your resilience and care.’

Feel free to call me if you’d like any further information
Susie 09 5297558

Please do not let financial circumstances prevent you from attending – talk to us