“We are disturbed not by events, but by the views we take of them.”


About Susie

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A vibrant woman living her life to the full, Susie is passionate about heart-mind balance. Her focus is on inspiring all who cross her path to tap into their greatest and deepest riches.

She has a unique way of using her own life experiences and blending it in order to support others to, integrate their fears and passions in a balanced and achievable fashion.

Susie not only talks about a great lifestyle – she lives it through daily focus on diet, exercise, meditation and communication as her chosen path to spiritual communion. She is a skilled communicator and facilitator and has worked on her own personal development from an early age.

With her passion for physical, mental and emotional well being, Susie Spiller is committed to contributing to helping people live the life of their dreams.

Susie is a globally certified CNVC trainer and master facilitator of the Virtues Project. Her other training includes qualifications in group facilitation, conflict resolution, holistic health and yoga.

This is what people are saying about Susie Spiller.

“Susie tells it like it is from a place of deep empathy and wisdom. She is one of the real characters of this world with a sense of humour that will floor you because of its brutal honesty and brilliance. As Oscar Wilde possibly once said “if you are gonna tell people the truth, make sure they are laughing”. Susie has the knack to do just this. So if you are up for real change and learning, and want the direct approach, then Susie she is your woman. No mucking around with this one!”  A Robinson

"I came to one of your workshops with my husband a couple of years ago and he had a real breakthrough during role play around how he responded to an aspect of our son's disability. It was a lasting transformation and so helpful for home life. I am very grateful for that workshop." C Farthing

"Thank you Susie for the impact you have had on my life. I feel like I was guided to you just when I needed it most. Hoping to be able to continue more NVC work in the future." P Compter

Locations —  Remuera, Kohi, Bethells Beach 

Kohi Yacht Club, 80 Tamaki Dr, Mission Bay, Auckland

Bethells Beach Surf Club, 211 Bethells Rd, Waitakere, Bethells Beach